• People worth meeting.

    Conversations worth having.

    Definition: to go beyond - to do more than is expected or required.

  • Our mission

    To create a community of purpose-driven leaders from different disciplines

    in order to co-create solutions to society's biggest challenges.


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    Change is happening.

    The world has hit the upward slope on the exponential rate of change curve & humanity is going to have some of it's biggest challenges/changes in it's history over the upcoming decades.
    From AI & automation, to extended life spans, to global warming, to globalization to interplanetary colonization… society is going to have to adapt drastically and quickly in order to keep up with these changes.
    We want to help shape these changes, to make them positive and to create a world beyond scarcity.

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    By doing something we do every day. Eat dinner.

    Sharing a meal with someone is intimate & is a powerful way to build a relationship.
    Deep, intentional conversation allows you to get to really know someone much faster.
    The format and rules of the Beyond Dinner have been designed following behavior psychology & relationship development science to create deep connections and discussions immediately.

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    Purpose-driven leaders.

    Beyond Dinners are invitation only.
    We curate the guest list of 4-12 people for each one to make sure they have a variety of experiences, expertise & opinions.

    We have had venture-backed CEO's, Hall of Fame athletes, keynote speakers, authors, partners at major VC funds, senior management consultants, corporate executives, Angel Investors, artists, film producers, serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits & more join us.

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    Rules designed to connect

    • Be respectful: Arrive on time, people who are late are not invited back.
    • Listen and participate: One conversation at the table at a time.
    • Genuinely connect, don't network: No last names, business cards, job titles or companies you work for.
    • Be present: Hand your cell phone in at the beginning of the meal.
    • Keep the conversation flowing: Moderated conversation.
    • Come prepared: Be prepared to answer the questions of the evening.
  • Word on the street

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    A. J.

    GP of FFVC

    "The best. This was really fun. It’s impossible to meet new people after forever in New York and I really thank you for setting this up !!!"

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    Founder & CEO of WishPoints & CEO of Health Enovation

    "I've found my tribe."

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    Co-Founder & CEO of TagFi

    "Becoming part of this community has been game-changing.

    I've met business partners and made friends for life at Beyond Dinners... now I buy my ticket immediately when invited and enthusiastically accept any introduction Nick makes."

  • Founder

    Nick's mission is to help shape a beyond scarcity society that allows every human and the planet to thrive.
    He founded Beyond Dinner in order to build a community of leaders who are driving this change so we can all support and empower each other.

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    Nick Kengmana


    Entrepreneur, dreamer, futurist, foodie.


  • Sponsor

    Be part of the community.

    Purpose-driven companies welcome.

    • Reach a community of movers & shakers. Guests are influencers, leaders, super-connectors, decision makers, change drivers. By reaching them, you're reaching companies, communities, followings & other leaders.
    • Customized, intimate, access. Rather than just trying to sell to people, get to know them and build a genuine relationship. We'll customize how you reach our community based on your fit and goals.
    • Contact: nick@kengmana.com